Pop-up Wedding

We make getting married easy, unique and budget-friendly.
Does this sound good? Then a pop-up wedding might be something for you!

A pop-up wedding in short …

Pop-up wedding is a new concept that we are introducing in the Netherlands. It is already popular in America and Australia and is the new way of getting married. You tie the knot at a special location that is officially designated as a wedding location for 1 day. We style the location completely and we ensure that everything is arranged to perfection. Multiple couples can use this unique, styled wedding location, so that the costs can be shared. You get your own time slot and can choose from a selection of different locations with the corresponding wedding date and styling theme.


The costs are limited because you share the day with multiple couples. Not all at once, every couple has their own unique pop-up wedding. But because you share the costs of the day (think of location, styling, flowers etc.) you save considerably on costs. We ensure good organization. You will not even notice that more couples are getting married on the same day and location. Sharing is the key and you pay a fraction of what you would have had to pay. This way you have your own unique day and money for a honeymoon or a big party!

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Pop-up wedding method

Personal introductory meeting

We will learn more about you in the first meeting. What style are you looking for and what are your wishes? We tell you which options there are and what we can offer you. There is also plenty of room for all your questions about the concept of the pop-up wedding. Together we will look at which package fits you and your budget. We want to make this day the best day of your life and a personal conversation is an absolute must.

The location

We organize intimate ceremonies at unique locations in the Netherlands. Think of a place where people are not normally married, such as in the middle of the forest, an old factory building, roof terrace, park or an old church. We also organize ceremonies at special wedding locations such as a castle. We look for that one special place and ensure that it is registered as an official wedding location for one day. At a pop-up wedding there is room for up to 30 guests. You can choose the location that suits you best as a wedding couple. This location is available for 1 day for a maximum of 5 bridal couples.


We completely style the location in the look and feel of a matching theme. For example, consider a bohemian wedding complete with lace, carpet, feathers, vintage decoration and lots of flowers. Or would you prefer an intimate ceremony in a beautiful castle complete with candlesticks, chandeliers and antique chairs? But we can also realize an out of the box theme such as, botanic, pin-up or a zoo theme with matching styling and decoration.

 Master of ceremonies

The bridal couple and their guests are received and shown the way by the master of ceremony of The perfect wedding planners. The master of ceremony ensures that the entire wedding runs smoothly and the wedding couple can fully enjoy the day.


It is a wonderful idea to write the vows yourself and to express it to each other for all the people you love. This makes it even more intimate. The master of ceremonies can also tell you something about the wedding couple if it suits you better and the wedding official will then officially marry you. Do you prefer only a ceremonial marriage instead of an official marriage? This is also possible and it saves on costs!


After saying yes, the toast follows. Glasses of bubbles are handed out and your unique wedding cake can be cut. The time of congratulation has arrived. The wedding cake has been specially designed for you and you have chosen the flavor. If you opt for the Yes & Food package, you will have a delicious meal after the toast and the wedding cake will be cut during the dessert.


After the cake, the pop-up wedding comes to an end. From here you can go further and give substance to the rest of the day or evening with all the guests or just go on a honeymoon right away! You can decide for yourself how you want to complete the day. Maybe you want to dine intimately and have a long dinner in your favorite restaurant? Or maybe you would like to have a big party in your favorite bar and invite more friends? This is up to you, but if you want our help with planning, we can! We do nothing better than to make your entire day as memorable as possible. During our first introductory meeting, there is enough time to elaborate on this, if desired. Always ask about the options and which additional costs are involved.

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